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Simplifying Communication Skills

You don't need to have electric charisma, extrovert energy or natural confidence to build incredible communication skills. All you need is to be authentic, honest and self-aware. Let me show you!

I've helped hundreds of professionals master their mindset and take command of their communication skills.

WITHOUT freezing up in front of audiences

WITHOUT worrying you'll make the wrong impression

WITHOUT the fear of humiliating yourself from poor interactions

Michael promises he'll give you communciation super powers. I can say with confidence that I wouldn't have earned my cape without him.

James Weaver

Peak Presenter Student

How I Can Help...

Communication skills training tailor-made for you and your organization


Elevate your speaking prowess with our tailored training. Learn to captivate audiences, conquer nerves, and master the art of confident delivery.


Secure your dream job with our interview coaching. Sharpen your responses, exude confidence, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.


Transform your writing skills for the business world. Craft compelling emails, reports, and documents with clarity and impact.



Cultivate vital professional relationships. Enhance your interpersonal finesse, active listening, and networking abilities for lasting career connections.

Meet Michael

I have spent the last 18 years perfecting my skill as an expert in Communications, Personal Selling and Professional Skills Training. Currently I am a Communications Professor, where I specialize in Public Speaking, Crisis Communications, Public Relations, Professional Writing and Career Prep.

I am also the Founder of Peak Presenter Skills Training where I Coach Executives and Corporate Professionals in areas of Public Speaking, Business and Technical Writing.

Prior to teaching and coaching, I worked as a Marketing Strategist and Stakeholder Engagement Specialist in the Non-Profit and Post-Secondary industries, working with high profile donors, politicians and organizational partners.

I hold an MA and BA(honors) in Communication Studies, as well as an Honors Diploma in Advertising.

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